A stake pool on the Cardano Blockchain that rewards NFT artwork

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Our ROAMpool story is like this...

We were interested in blockchain decentralization and settled on Cardano. We want to support its growth by becoming a pool operator. Cardano is grow quickly, processing more transactions than Ethereum!

Cardano is on the path to become core infrastructure for a global decentralization movement, an upcoming historical period with more individual freedom than ever. A future where we work remotely, have decentralized financial services, and decentralized governing bodies.

That is our dream of the future. We are the ROAMers in that future. We are ROAMpool (and ROAMverse — shhh! Still in the works!).

Why stake with us?

Lowest Fees

Our pool charges the lowest possible fees at 0% margin.

Unique NFT Awards

We mint artwork NFTs and award them to our delegators.

Independent Hardware

Uptime is utmost important. Dedicated hardware and monitored 24-7.

Be automatically entered to win a unique Llama NFT by staking at least 1000₳ with us!
Our stake pool does not operate in the cloud, or on any form of virtualization. Just simple bare-metal staking in a safe location with reliable power grid with UPS backup and one of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

What is staking?

Staking is kind of like banking your money and getting paid interest. Here's how it works.

Epoch 1

Your ₳ become registered with the pool after 1 epoch (=5 days).

Epoch 2

Your ₳ becomes active and start earning rewards.

Epoch 3

Your rewards from Epoch 2 are being calculated for payout.

Epoch 4

Your 1st payout from Epoch 2 are deposited to your account, rewards are also paid retroactively.

Epoch 5

Your payout from Epoch 3 are deposited to your account, etc... and from now on, automatically deposited to your ₳ wallet directly.

How is the stake pool doing?


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