ROAM pool is a Cardano stake pool operator in with servers in California.

Not in the cloud, or on any form of virtualization. Just simple bare-metal staking. And in a safe location with reliable power grid with UPS backup and one of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

Why stake with ROAM?

Our core values are to support equality, access for the masses, not be evil, protect freedom and liberty, and decentralization of power.

Lowest Fees

Lowest pool fees to provide best rewards to our delegators: 0% margin fee and 340 ADA per epoch (minimum fee defined per Cardano protocol).

Unique NFT Awards

For each epoch that has at least one block minted, create 1 unique NFT of single copy and randomly air-drop to a qualified live staker from that epoch.

Dedicated Independent Hardware

Self funded independent pool operator. Dedicated servers in California. UPS power backup. Monitored 24/7 by experienced Silicon Valley engineers.


Airdrop lottery for
1000 unique NFTs
We currently have
170k+ ADA staked
NFT Buyback
100 ADA guaranteed

Profit sharing

Stake at least 1000 ADA with us and be automatically entered for a chance to win a unique NFT! Limited 1st edition NFTs, only 100 minted!

Unique rewards

If a block is minted in the epoch, then delegators with 1000 ADA+ will have an equal chance to win a unique NFT.

NFT Buyback Guarantee

If you don't want the NFT reward, list it on CNFT.io then ping us on Twitter, and we will buy it back after 5 listed days.

Automatic Delivery

The NFT will automatically be air-dropped to your wallet one epoch after the block minting epoch.

What is staking?

Staking is kind of like banking your money and getting paid interest. Here's how it works.

Epoch 1

Your ADA become registered with ROAM pool after 1 epoch (=5 days).

Epoch 2

Your ADA becomes active and start earning rewards.

Epoch 3

Your rewards from Epoch 2 are being calculated for payout.

Epoch 4

Your 1st payout from Epoch 2 are deposited to your account, rewards are also paid retroactively.

Epoch 5

Your payout from Epoch 3 are deposited to your account, etc... and from now on, automatically deposited to your ADA wallet directly.


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